Occupancy Policy

The World Government's policy on occupation is a loose overview of a gathered concensus from the Marines. Each individual occupant is registered under an occupation and a title of that occupation. 

  • To be overviewed, leave a comment in the section below linking to your character's page. That character will be judged apon completion, including that characters background history aswell as their skills and abilities which must be well balanced and rather low considering their youthfullness in this world. 

Crimes & Punishment

There are several laws set by the World Government that have a large amount to due with the result of a crime. There are specific punishments set by the world government for crimes, and can only be overuled by a Marine of Admiral Rank or Higher. If laws are disobeyed then the person who commited the crime will have a bounty placed on there head until they are captured. This will draw Bounty Hunters and Marines to search for such an individual, the most popular suspects of these crimes are Pirates. 

Piracy: Piracy is a category of crimes that are commited purpously and in an organized manor, majorly by Pirates. Piracy is considered an act or rebellion against the World Government and is dealth with as such, with punishments varying from Minor fines to execution. Piracy inclues the act of being a Pirate and the following crimes:

  • Tresspassing: The act of an individual loiters or invades property owned by someone who has not approved there entry apon said property. Depending on the property, fines can vary from Beli100 to Beli1,000,000. The bounty set for an uncaptured individual is half the fine of the crime. 
  • Theft: The act of an indivdual stealing something that belongs to another person. Depending on whats stolen, punishment can vary from a Beli1,000-Beli100,000 fine or up to a 6 years in prison.
    • Grand Theft: The same crime on a much larger scale, where the individual steals something of immense value such as a Devil Fruit and can land one in prison for up to 20 years.  
  • Bootlegging: The act of an individual illegally distrubuting false goods under the radar of the legal market. This normally results in a fine of up to Beli600,000. 
  • Assault: The act of an individual physically attacking another, and then being charged with such a crime. This normally results with up to 10 years in prison. 
  • Resistance: The act of an individual resisting the act of a legal officer such as a Marine. This normally results in up to a year in prison.