White Beret Enforcers (神兵 Shinpei, "God's Soldiers") are an army of Soldiers working for the New Birkan Government. They enforce the Governments laws across New Birka and are commanded by the five Sky Knights. 


神兵 Shinpei

Type Sypiean Army
Captain Anya


After the White Wing Pirates helped establish the New Birkan Government in Skypiea, the Military Force was assembled. The Shinpei instantly impacted all of Skypiea, now named New Birka. They were established to enforce all law in New Birka and are lead by Lady Anya of the Priests. 


The Enforcers have massive numbers, which simply overwhelm the rebel forces across Skypiea. They uses an assortment of Dials connected to there spear like weapons. They wear protective armor similar to Knights, unless they are preists or nobles, all enforces wear the same outfit. This consists of armor and a tunic, including a helmet and mask bearing the New Birka symbol.