Trance (トランス Toransu) is one of the five Preists of God Jarilo. He is a master swordsman who guards the upper yard with the Trial of Liquification which only has a thrity three percent survival rate. 


(トランス Toransu)

Debut Episode 23
Kanji トランス
Romanji Toransu
Physical Description
Race Birkan
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Age 25
Professional Status
Occupation White Beret
Title Preist
Affiliation New Birka
Personal Status
Status Actuive

Physical Description

Trance is a tall male with blue eyes and blond hair in a pompadour style. He has long sideburns extending to the ends of his face and some stubble. Trance has a very defined face and a noticeable cleft chin. He wears pink, shiny armor with gold chain mail and a bronze belt, and what appear to be black briefs. He also wears a white cape with the New Birkan insignia on it.


Trance can be seen as very goofy, not only in appearance, but also in personality. He can suddenly drastically change his facial expressions. He can be seen as over-dramatic in situations as well and do some very strange things without knowing he did them himself. Trance can be serious though around meeting with his fellow Preists, and has very respectable opinions.

Abilities and Powers

Preist Trance is considered the weakest of the Preists due to his goofy personality and is usually unable to be taken seriously in battle. Trance is a close range fighter who is normally able to render his opponents attacks useless by liquifying them with his Dial infused Sword. 

Physical Prowess

Trance is an expert sword fighter, although no where near the level of his fellow Swordsmen Preist; Pansera Ruri. Trance is extremely muscular and can show for it with his incredible physical strength. Other then his strength and swordsmenship, trance is much less then impressive. He is known to have trouble running long distances, often loosing his breath and is quite sensative when taking an attack.

Soft Swordsmanship

Trance's Sword

Trance's "Soft Sword"

Trance's sword has a distinctive, double-edged blade which starts as rather thin from the hilt, getting larger and larger near the tip, which as a result takes on a fan-like shape, and seems to lack a frontal piercing edge.

The massive flat part between the cutting edges houses three dials where the blade itself starts to widen, being the source of the weapon’s abilities. The handguard isn’t less characteristic, it takes the form of a large rose, sprouting from the weapon’s hilt, which is rather simple, being covered in leather stripes and ending in a metal pommel, roughly taking on the shape of a fan, like the blade.

First off, the sword is capable of cutting like a normal blade against living beings. Secondly by using a Soft Dial (), Trance's sword is able to make the objects it strikes soft and limp, to the point where they are liquefied. This can be used to protect the user from enemy attacks by softening them and making them harmless as a result, as well as to alter the surrounding environment to the user’s advantage.