Swords are long edged weapons commonly used in combat.  


A sword fundamentally consists of a blade, with one or two edges for striking and cutting, a point for thrusting, and a hilt for gripping. Swords are a very commonly used weapon in the world. Many people wield swords, but there are those who train hard, and learn to use swords exceptionally well. These people are known as swordsmen

One of the reasons for swords having so much value compared to other weapons were because they also often expensive to make; the metal for a single sword might have been able to be used for a dozen spearheads. In some armies officers normally carried swords as a sign of authority as much as a weapon. Added with the time needed to produce some varieties of swords and the amount of possible fighting techniques that some verities allowed to be offered to their wielders, the sword itself often was also a social status. As a consequence of its popularity, the sword appeared in many cultures throughout the world and its design varies more than most other melee weapons.

A sword's blade serves its primary function, most were designed for cutting, blocking other bladed weapons or thrusting, although not all swords relied on being able to cut a wound to be lethal, a few were also designed with small indents in them helped fight other melee weapons. Some verities of the larger two handed swords used the force of the swing from their wielders as more of a bludgeon action then a cutting one.

A swords weakness was its quality and its lack of range, as well as the fact that unlike other weapons they relied more on the skills of the one who used them. Unlike the axe, a sword did not always deal a lethal blow as depending on type and fighting style they sometimes could not have enough force put behind them to do such a thing; the action of stabbing was often their most effectively form of dealing damage.