Port Town

Port Town

Port Town (港町 Minamachi) is a large island city that is well known as the capital of the East Blue. It is also the Base of Operations for the Red Wing Pirates during there time in the East Blue. 


Port Town is a large city with several hundred buildings and residents. On its outskirts are other inhabited island, namely Slave Island. The largest building center town is the location of the 153rd Brance of the Marine's "Shell Base".

Shell Base

The Shell Base is the major marine base center city lead by Marine Captain White Sea Chaser. It was attacked by Romeo and Julian at one point in time. 

Slave Island

Named for the dark acts of slave trading throughout the East Blue, Slave Island was originally an abandoned area where no one dared to enter. It was eventually taken over by the Iron Soul Pirates as they ran their black market through it. 


Port Town Residents
Icon Chaser Icon Jury Icon Bosque Icon Todoh
Chaser Jury Bosque Todoh
Icon Romeo Icon Gajeel Icon Julian Icon Lyndis
Romeo (Departed) Gajeel (Departed) Julian (Departed) Lyndis (Departed)