Steel Arm Mammon (スチールアーム拝金主義 Suchiiru Aamu Haiken Shugi) is a Marine Commodore, second in command on Moutn Rokku, the Marine fort on Drum Island. Second only to Admiral Lyra Knewman, who works very close with on the Island, Mammon acts as the secondary antagonist in the Frozen Faceoff Arc. 


拝金主義 Haikin Shugi

Kanji 拝金主義
Romanji Haiken Shugi
Epithet Steel Arm (スチール アーム Suchiiru Aamu)
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Professional Status
Occupation Marine
Base of Operations Drum Island
Title Commodore
Affiliation 100th Marine Branch
Personal Status
Status Active


Physical Description

Mammon is well recognized for his significantly muscular build and very large frame. He has black eyes and black hair tied in a unqiue mohawk braid. His is partially cybernetic, his right arm being completely robotic. He is always seen wearing the standard Marine uniform and a leather coat over it with a fur collar.


The Marine Commodore's appearance is matched by his macho persona. Abrasive and suspicious, Mammon is often one to strike first and ask questions later, in fitting with the mindset of "Survival of the Fittest", and seems to enjoy violence and combat. He is slow to trust strangers and does not hold back in dealing out harsh treatment to people with whom he is unfamiliar. Despite this, Mammon is an incredibly brave and loyal soldier and shows his more jovial side to those whom he calls a "comrade". He can be very humerous and friendly towards those he trusts his life to, but refuses to be submissive to anyone other then his superior officers. 

Powers and Abilities

Physical Prowess

Mammon is a very muscularly built man with an intimidating figure, standing at 6'4" and 280 lbs of muscle he can easily overpower the average man with pure brute force. His awareness while on the attack is unmatched by most men, trained through experience in many hand to hand fights. 

Cybernetic Modifications

Mammon possess his trademark Steel Arm, which is a mechanical limb equiped with many different features customized for combat. It is physically described as a large claw like arm with a chainsaw between the two claws. Other then its obvious features, the ability to slice and cleave it also has a built in gatling gun, hidden parralel to the chainsaw. The two barrels on each side parralel to the chainsaw extend when the gatling is in use. The hilt piece holding the claw also has two hidden shafts that can open to reveal hidden missle ports which fire on command. 


Frozen Faceoff Arc