Part I
Lyndis Harper

リンダ ハーパー Rindis Haapaa

Debut A New Dream
Kanji リンダ ハーパー
Romanji Rindis Haapaa
Physical Description
Race Human-Skypiean Hybrid
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Hazel
Height 177cm (5ft 8in)
Weight 56 Kg (123lb)
Age 18
Professional Status
Occupation Pirate
Title Chef
Affiliation Red Wing Pirates
Bounty Bsymbol1020,000,000
Personal Status
Status Active
Relative(s) Squall (boyfriend)

Lyndis Harper (リンダ ハーパー Rindis Haapaa) is the one of the main protagonists of Grandline: The Role Play Series. She joined the Red Wing Pirates while searching for her best friend and love interest; Squall.


Physical Description

Lyndis Render
Lyndis is a tall, slim, young woman with long brown hair that reaches down the length of her back. She has fair skin and large hazel eyes, usually accompanied by her welcoming smile.

Lyndis dons what she calls her "Battle Dress" which resembles that of a mid-evil knight's attire.

It is a white and crimson dress that expands only to her hips. She wears a crimson skirt underneath it that is visible from all sides other then her right, which is covered by the center of the dress. The dress extends in a cape like fashion behind Lyndis, reaching down to her mid calf.

Her legs and arms are covered by sleeves decorated to fit the attire, she also wears metal boots. The dress also features a metal breastplate and two arm bands that connect to the arm sleeves. Completing her attire is a belt which holsters her weapon, which is always carrying on her person.


Lyndis is natural a lover with a very positive and strong personality. Lyndis cares deeply for those whom she trusts and surrounds herself with, very much including her beloved Pirate Crew. She will go to any lengths to protect her friends, and believes they will do the same for her. She is commonly recognized as a complete team player, doing everything she is told to do by her captain and her crew mates as long as it's within reason, without complaint. Although she strongly believes in the support of her crew, she is very independent. She does not rely solely on her male counterparts to protect her, rather she beleives that her cremates rely on her strength to protect them.

In spite of being the only female in the crew, Lyndis retains her feminism, but makes sure this does not define her on the battlefield. She is very physical and abrasive opponent on the battlefield, making sure she is not judged and underestimated for being female. Although she is extremely strong (both mentally and physically) she does have her one very distinct weakness; her past. Lyndis struggled mightily to take part in battle on Thriller Bark. It reminded her about pieces of her past she was unable to put together because of her mysterious amnesia. Not only that, but the masses of zombies and monsters constantly threatening her made Lyndis physically sick and immobile. The sickness was a feeling from her past she could not decipher and couldn't move past until Tenshi finally cured her. Afterwards she was easily able to take on the enemies of Thriller Bark.

While rarely outspoken, Lyndis is a very mysterious individual who struggles to escape and understand her past. Her heritage as half human and half skypien was never taught to her and she is only able to remember her past in the Blue Sea. But someone who's always been with her is Squall, who she is very attached to and desires nothing more then to protect him. She has shown to have affection for Squall, often found to have weak knees when talking to him one on one. She feels insecure in letting him know her true feelings for him, unsure if he feels the same way about her. Often times Lyndis becomes very embarrassed around him, leading her to blush when Squall touches (grabbing her hand for example) or compliments her. As time progresses, she becomes more comfortable with the amount of time she spends with him. Squall has  always shown to have a gentle side toward Lyndis, protecting her and keeping her away from danger. Squall was furious after Lyndis was frozen, causing him to use the "Ifrit Ring" changing him to "Dark Squall". She revealed her true feelings for Squall during his duel with Tankos Skyren. After Skyren was defeated, Lyndis used sincere feelings to free Squall of his dark side. After being relieved of his darkness, the two embrace and share a kiss, officially making them a couple.

Ablities and Powers

Even though Lyndis doesn't seem like it, she is very tough. She has good sense of hearing and uses it to her advantage whenever she fights an opponent. Due to her size, she is very fast with the use of her sword. Lyndis isn't really good at fighting hand-to-hand combat which is why she relies on her sword to attack.

Physical Prowess

Lyndis has a very small frame, this allows her to be extremely agile, quick and flexible. She is not very physically strong, but has fearsome kicking power, her legs are very well adept to moving and striking for combat. Despite her training, her arms have been trained to be flexible and loose rather then stiff and strong. Lyndis uses her speed to outmenuever her opponents and her reflexes to quickly counter. She is unable to normally overpower her opponent but can use their own strength against them. 


Bishamon Form


Lyndis uses an O Wazamono grade Meito Sword named Izanami (伊弉冉尊 Izanami, literally meaning "Godess of Life & Death"). It is a double edged rapier with an azure hilt and tsuba which extend to the sole of the blade. It was crafted by Lyndis' father in Skypiea, whom forged the blade from steel and several dial shells. The dials give the blade several supernatural abilities which make it extremely powerful, although Lyndis only knows about few of its abilities. 


Seitōryū (生活刀流, Life Sword Style): Lyndis has developed her own fighting sty;e that revolves around unlocking the abilities of the mysterious Izanami blade. It appears as if the abilities of the blade are connected with Lyndis' lost memories, shown when she regains a memory a new power is unlocked. 

  • Denki (電気, Lightning of Life): Lyndis' adventures during Thriller Bark revealed that the blade has the ability to produce electricity.
    • Motoru (磁気バースト, Magnetic Burst): Lyndis slams her sword into the ground under her creating a terrain filled with static electricity allowing her to send electric bursts under her opponent's feet which explode and stun them. This technique can still be used as long her blade remains in contact with the ground. 
  • Shikigami (ショックアブソーバー,  Shock Absorber): Lyndis generates enough electricity to cover the blade in a lance type shape. She can either keep energy attatched to the blade in order to increase its destructive power or launch it as blast of lightning at a target. 
  • Kagamine (ピアス衝撃, Piercing Jolt): Lyndis generates electricty along the edges of the blade, turning it a green color in order to dramatically increase its piercing power. This also drastically increases the range of her stabbing attacks. 


Iron Soul Arc

A young man named Squall was sent to the East Blue by his Pirate Captain in secret to invesigate the Iron Soul Pirates. He maintained the status of a civilian and eventually crossed paths with Lyndis Harper, a young women living in Port Town.  Lyndis had no idea about Squall's mission or his past but the two became very close over the course of many months. Squall was the first person Lyndis told about her "condition". She is unable to remember the majority of her childhood or her life in general. The furthest she can remember is waking up next to a tree in Port Town's park alonside a sheethed blade. She often visits the tree hoping to regain lost bits and pieces of her memory. Her and Squall began to visit this tree traditionally, she would fall asleep at his side and she would dream of her past life. When she awoke she would often find Squall too had drifted off to sleep, but one day she awoke and Squall was not by her side. Days at a time passed and she decided to investigate his dissappearance on her own. 
Lyndis sleeping

Lyndis sleeping in her usual spot, hoping to regain the memories of her lost past

She found many of Squall's things still remaining in her house, as he would often spend a lot of time at her house. She went through his things and found his notebook which had all of Squalls secrets written in them. He was infact the first mate to legendary pirate; Red Hair Clive. Although shocked, Lyndis quickly forgave Squall on her own, figuring he lied to her to protect her. using Squall to fuel her drive, she drew up enough courage to take her sword from its place inside her chest and go out on her own to find her lost friend. She found out that Squall was investigating the "Iron Soul Pirates", who's activities have flown under the radar in the East Blue.

Clive himself remains at the Grandline while Squall sailed out to the East Blue to invesitage, but she determines he must have been discovered and captured. After studying his notes Lyndis is unable to deduce a solid lead to find Squall, so she hopes sleeping may help get her creative juices going. She awoke to not Squall, but another young man by her side. The boys name was Julian, a stranger to Lyndis whom immediately drew her blade to him. Scared, Julian quickly confesses he was trying to awake Lyndis so he could ask her about his lost friend. His friends name was Cameron and the two were seperated while battling Marine Captain Chaser. Recognizing that Julian and his friend Cameron were apsiring Pirates like Squall, she decides to help Julian confront Chaser, who should know about pirates in the area. 

The two sneak into the Marine Base assigned to Port Town, only to be quickly caught and apprehended by the Marines. The two are placed in an interrogation chamber with Chaser himself, who asks the two about a mecenary named "Todoh" who Chaser believes Cameron, Julian and now Lyndis are working for. Lyndis and Julian immediately deny any relatability to this Todoh person. He then prepares to process both of them, asking about past information. Lyndis for the most part is unable to provide much background information while Julian claims he was raised by his ill mother who passed away. He then was raised alongside his fellow orphan friend Cameron, who decided to set out and become rebels without a cause. After confirming the name of Julian's mother, the three are shocked to learn that Chaser is actually infact Julian's father. Realising he was acting out because he had no authority or father figure in his life, Julian comes to the conclusion that he wishes to stay by his fathers side. As a favor for returning his son to his side, Chaser releases Lyndis. She leaves and decides to pursue "Todoh" as her first lead. 

Lyndis quickly discoveres Todoh had been spotted near the slums of port town, she invesitages only to find a young man incapacited. She awakens the young man who introduces himself as Cameron L Romeo. Making the connection that he was Julian's lost friend, she asks him about Todoh. He quickly responds that Todoh is threatening Romeo and his Captain with a randsome for one of their pirate comrads. She asks if this comrad is Squall and Romeo recognizes the name as their captured friend. Now that Lyndis has confirmed her suspicions abotu Squall, she formulates a plan to ambush Todoh and get any information they can from him. 

Leading Todoh out with a false bag on money left at the doorstep of an abandoned home, Cameron waits for him to arrive. The trick works when Todoh confronts Romeo only to find out the bag is filled with paper. Todoh becomes annoyed and decides that he'll send Romeo's head to his Captain as a final warning. Lyndis then appears on the scene and surprise attacks Todoh. The two engage in a swordfight but Lyndis is out of her league against the mercenary. Todoh's sword "Kyoshumaru can create sparks by scraping the ground, and Todohs mastery of Flying Slash attacks allows him to create vacuum blades that grow the sparks into flames. Romeo joins the battle but even the powers of his Devil Fruit are unable to work on Todoh. His DevilF ruit allows Romeo to create "glows" with different abilities, but he only possess a single glow. Todoh taunts Romeo as a one trick pony, forcing Romeo to look deep inside himself and unlock a new glow which allows him to freeze anything the glow touches. Catching Todoh off guard, he freezes the ground which stops Todoh from creating his flame since the blade can't spark on ice. Lydis and Romeo see this an opportunity and attack Todoh simultaniously, defeating him. Romeo ties him up and decides to take him back to his captain for interrogation, Lyndis accompanies him. 

Lyndis finally meets Romeo and Squall's captain, Red Hair Clive. Lyndis quickly asks if she can assist him in finding Squall which Clive does not object to. Aboard Clive's pirate ship, they interrogate Todoh. He tells them that Squall was discovered by the Iron Soul Pirates who hold him captive and they hope to sell his ring. Confused, Lyndis asks what Squalls ring is. Clive responds telling her that it is a magical weapon that allows Squall to fight by utilize the forces of light. Todoh follows up that by selling the ring to powerful allies, the Iron Soul Pirates could make their move and take over the East Blue. Todoh begins to tell the trio that the pirates are holding Squall on a barron strip of land right outside Port Town called "Slave Island" (named for the slaves of the Old King that are burried there). But during the conversation, Todoh notices that a fleet of Iron Soul Pirates approaches the Red Wings ship. Discovering Todoh's defeat, the Iron Soul immediately headed out to take out Clive and his comrads once and for all. 

Lyndis and Romeo hiding 2

Lyndis and Romeo hiding from Pirates on Slave Island

The Iron Soul Pirates fleet immediately unleashes a barrage of cannon fire which Clive is able to surpress using his Devil Fruit. His devil fruit is power of being able to crush objects at will causes the cannon balls to detonate but the ship is caught in the blast, injuring Clive. Romeo is able to get Lyndis and Clive safely away from the sinking ship while Todoh is captured. Using a safety boat, the trio are able to make it to Slave Island. Lyndis and Romeo hide Clive in the forest, allowing him to recover while the duo decides to sneak into the Pirate stronghold. They find that Squall is trapped in a cage of Mirrors and his Halo ring is in the hands of The Iron Soul's first mate Sun Jury and Muscisian Gan Bosque. The deal for the ring begins as White Wing Pirate Diyan R Keis arrives on the Island. Keis double crosses the Iron Soul Pirates and injures Gan Bosque and takes the ring. Several white wing pirates reveal themselves and a brawl insues. Romeo reveals himself and takes the ring by surprise. In the confusion, Lyndis destroys Squall's glass cage and finally reunites with him. This is shortlived as the halo is stolen by a mysterious man who runs to the top floor of the stronghold, causing Keis to attack Lyndis and take Squall hostage. She demands the recovery of the ring, and Clive arrieves to confront her. This allows  Romeo and Lyndis pursue the theif and they find the mysterious man is actually non other then Black Steel Gajeel. Gajeel is the captain of the Iron Soul Pirates and decides that he'll use this chance to destroy Clive and Keis to prove his own strength, putting his priorities about the money to the side. 

Romeo and Lyndis attack Gajeel to try and regain the Halo but Gajeel makes short work out of both of them. Gajeel's Devil Fruit gives him the ability to transform his body into iron, he covers his body in Iron Scales making him involnerable to Lyndis and Romeo's attacks. Gajeel carries the two beaten warriors back to Clive and Keis while demanding they fight him. He plans to defeat Squall, Clive and Keis to prove his strength and only at there full power, so Gajeel returns the Halo to Squall. Squall is fatigued from starvation and his inital injuries at the hands of Gajeel and his pirates. This renders him defenceless as Gajeel brutalises him to defeat. Before he finishes Squall off, Clive uses his devil fruit technique to not crush, but seperate Keis' body into several small versions of herself, rendering her harmless. Gajeel's attention is now turned to an injured Clive who he hopes to finish off and finnaly achieve his goal of proving his worth as an upcoming pirate Lord, but Romeo rises to face him once again. Seeing Romeo's challenge as a joke, Gajeel humors him and the two fight. Gajeel quickly beats Romeo senseless and tosses him into the dirt, taunting him about the strength of their pirate crew. Enraged, Romeo calls upon the power of a rainbow of glows which catch Gajeel off guard, giving Romeo enough of an opening to defeat Gajeel. Clive and Keis battle comes to a stalemate, as leader of the White Wing Pirates; Mel D Tsubasa arrives to take his mates. He issues a warning to Lyndis and her friends and departs. The four comrads leave Slave Island using an Iron Soul Ship. Squall apoligizes to Lyndis for draging her into his fight, but she reassures him it was of her own will to find and fight for Squall. Inspired by her bravery, Romeo asks if Lyndis can join their crew. Lyndis decides that staying with Squall is what she wants by proclaiming sleeping next to a tree and remaining homewill not give her past back, instead she decides to find her past by making a future alonside her new friends. Clive invites Lyndis to join the "Red Wing Pirates" and she immediately agrees. 

Bounty vs Bounty Arc

Celebrating the Red Wing Pirate victory, Clive drinks to the point of drunkenness, in which he commands the trio of Lyndis, Romeo and Squall to hunt a fitting bounty which the crew would use to buy a new ship. Squall leads the team to Clive's old contact named Kurono Azolf where they give him the mysterious message "The Hunt is on". Azolf recognizes this as Clive's message to hunt a bounty they hunted long ago but failed. Azolf acknowledges the trio as Clive's allies and they all set off to an Island known as Thriller Bark. While sailing to the Island, the crew learns more about Azolf. He was an ex marine turned bounty hunter who was freed from imprisonment by Clive so the Red Hair pirate could use Azolf's skills to hunt "Akuma the Undead Samurai". The Hunt for Akuma was thwarted by the marines so Azolf and Clive were separated. 

The crew nears the Island just as a giant undead sea serpent attacks the ship, breaking holes in it causing the ship to sink. Lyndis, Romeo and Squall fight off the serpent while Azolf hangs back and watches. When the represent finally retreats the crew is faced with the challenge of getting on the Island which is guarded by a gigantic lip shaped gate. Azolf decides to show off his Devil Fruit abilities which he uses to turn the remains of the sinking ship into a bomb. Doing so impulsively, the trio is stunned and nearly caught in the explosion. Squall uses his abilities to carry Romeo and Lyndis to safety. Separated from Azolf, the crew wanders aimlessly until they are confronted by a horde of bloodthirsty zombies. The appearance of the zombies put Lyndis into a state of shock, they induce visions of a past she cant understand. These visions are of her in her younger years arriving on the island and being instantly tormented by the monsters and zombies. Squall and Romeo forcibly move her throughout island and into hiding.
Lyndis in shock

Thriller Bark inducing Lyndis into a state of shock

Squall tries to snap Lyndis out of her state to no avail, meanwhile the group are being observed by a ghost which Romeo notices. The Ghost introduces himself as "Ten" and his voice is able to momentarily free Lyndis of her shock, although she still shakes with fear. Squall explains why they're on the Island and by uttering Akuma's name he scares Ten off. The three chase Ten until they run into a gigantic monster that stops them in there tracks. The crew is once again surrounded by zombies bu Ten reappears to help them, describing the giant beast as the "Gatekeeper". The beast attacks but Lyndis is too scared to move, until Ten possess her body that is. Ten controls her body and uses her sword to strike down the beast with a show of incredible skill. Impressed and shocked, Squall demands the release of Lyndis' body as well as an explanation. The three run off to a safe space and Ten immediately releases Lyndis. He continues to explain that his true identity is of the ghost of Samurai Tenshi of the Swan.

He only reveals that he was betrayed in the past, resulting in his death and arrival on Thriller Bark. He then explains that all the beings on Thriller Bark are tainted and lost souls controlled by Akuma, they must be put to rest which can only be done by defeating Akuma. He then explains that the beings of Thriller Bark feed off any negative energy given off by humans, including the fear that Lyndis has for all the undead. Tenshi then decides to show them a section of the island known as the "River of Zen", hoping to cure Lyndis. The River of Zen is an area of the Island where the goodness of all the souls manifests themselves as a pool of water. By bathing in the waters, hopefully the pirates would be driven by the goodness and courage of their hearts rather then their fear and darkness. The River of Zen gives Lyndis' much purer visions of a happier time in her life which she does not recognize but uses this to hold back her fear on the island. She and the others are interrupted by Azolf, who appears wondering what the crew is doing wasting there time.  Angered, Squall questions what Azolf was thinking by separating the group. Azolf responds by saying he was simply opening a way to get onto the Island. Tenshi senses something wrong with Azolf's energies and questions his intentions. Azolf see's Tenshi as a threat and tries to destroy him by blowing up the river, which causes a massive explosion. The structure and Tenshi survive the explosion and before anyone can retaliate, Marines randomly appear on the scene.
Lyndis fighting Zombies

Lyndis fighting Zombie warriors on Thriller Bark

Taking Lyndis, Romeo and Squall by surprise, the Marines were somehow lead to the crew and plan on arresting them. To top it off the Marines are lead by Julian, the boy who Lyndis met back in Port town. Romeo is enraged when he learns of Julian's change of heart and the two immediately fight. Squall recognizes that the mass of marines are too much for the group and he leads them to retreat. Romeo, Lyndis and Squall have clearly been betrayed by Azolf who has led a band of Marines right too them. Tenshi leads the group to Akuma's home, the mansion center the entire island. Ready to finish the Hunt once and for all, they crew storms the mansion which features floor by floor threats that the group fights through until they reach the bottom floor. Akuma sits atop his throne and his blood red eyes ignite, signaling that he has awoken. The bottom floor terraforms into what Tenshi describes as "Hell", as it embodies the evil of the souls trapped on Thriller Bark. Lyndis is sent back into her state of shock and while Squall protects her, Tenshi and Romeo team up to face Akuma. Tenshi enters Romeo's body without controlling his mind so the two can fight as one against Akuma. 

Lyndis memories

Lyndis fighting the lost memories induced by Thriller Bark

With Tenshi's help Romeo is able to fight on par with Akuma until Akuma stabs Romeo's shoulder and siphons Tenshi from Romeo's body. Tenshi is able to separate the three so Romeo's soul isn't taken and while inside Akuma, the ghost holds him immobile. Romeo punches Akuma's head off, but this only reveals Akuma's suit of armor is empty ad he is a ghost just like Tenshi. Akuma stands back up headless ready to fight once more but Azolf arrives with Marines to take the Pirates and Akuma alike. Azolf confirms his betrayal and explains that he tried to do this last time to capture Clive but was thwarted, although Clive never found out the truth. Romeo bravely fights back against Azolf and the marines despite the injuries suffered in his battle with Akuma. He is eventually overwhelmed and Azolf delivers the finishing blow, only to be intercepted by Akuma who takes the full front of the attack which destroys most of Akuma's armor. Confused and shocked by Akuma's actions, Lyndis regains her courage and attacks Azolf. Lyndis is able to stab Azolf. Azolf is grievously injured and retreats, ordering the marines to "Buster Call" the island.

Squall recognizes the term, a Buster Call will order a fleet of Marine ships to blast the island into Oblivion. Although Akuma has not spoken to this point, Romeo asks why he saved him out of pure confusion. Tenshi free's himself from Akuma's body and decides that he will tell the Red Wing Pirates the complete truth about his past. Tenshi tells the story of his death; he traveled to Skypiea as a human and became the ambassador of the Blue Sea. White Wing Pirates then took advantage of this and caused a war in Skypiea, which ended up in the death of Tenshi and the exile of his best friend. Tenshi has been searching for able souls to travel to the White Sea and take back Skypiea and help his friend. Using his Devil Fruit, Tenshi separated himself into two entities the other being Akuma. Akuma simply battled the Red Wing Pirates to prove their strength and sacrificed himself once he witnessed Romeo's incredible courage. The Red Wing Pirates are touched by Tenshi's story. Having already considered him their friend, they decide to follow through with Tenshi's wishes. Squall speaks for the Pirates when he promises to find his lost friend and take back Skypiea. They leave Tenshi behind to rest and regrettably take Akuma's body along to collect the bounty. The Marine's Buster Call results with several Marine ships firing their cannons upon all of Thriller Bark, causing it to break apart. All of the creatures of Thriller Barks soul's are being released into the after life thanks to Akuma's defeat but the Gatekeeper fights to protect the island, but is simply shot down. Thanks to its regenerative abilities, it survives and with Tenshi's last wish he leads the Red Wing Pirates to safety. The gigantic being takes them in hand and sets them upon a Marine ship, which they storm and take by force. Damaged beyond the point of regeneration, the beast disintegrates but a body falls out of its remains. The crew sets sail and take the unconscious body aboard with them. Eventually the man awakens and tells him his identity as Ramon the shipwright who wished to see the largest ship in the world "Thriller Bark", revealing the islands past as being a ship.  He asks to be the crews shipwright, hoping to return the favor for the crew freeing him, they agree.

New Birkan Arc

The crew returns to Port Town and inform Clive of everything that's happened. Clive drunkenly agrees to head to Skypiea in his own hopes of finding Shandora the City of Gold. The crew is interrupted by the arrival of a strange masked man. The man reveals himself to be named Zaiel and he has been tracking the group ever since Tenshi's soul was put to rest. Lyndis and the others deduce that Zaiel was the friend who Tenshi mentioned and Zaiel confirms. Zaiel explains a grave situation where the once peaceful land of Skypiea has succumbed to a hostile takeover at the hands of beings known as Birkans. Birkans and Skypieans once lived in peace but their was war and the Birkans were cast out to the moon where they were exiled forever. These "New Birkans" are secretly being lead by Mel D Tsubasa in his attempt to control Skypiea. Clive sobers up at the sound of Tsubasa's name and gets serious about the crew helping Zaiel free Skypiea from his clutches.  Ramon builds the group a new ship they name the "Tenshi", and they sail off to the Island of Jaya. 

Zaiel explains the Island of Jaya is the only remaining way of getting into Skypiea. Skypiea sits above the clouds on the "White Sea" and the only way of getting from the land below through the clouds is the "Knock Up Stream" which is a giant pillar of water that will carry a ship into the White Sea. The Knock Up Stream only occurs 10 times a year and the next one is in less then a week. Zaiel informs the crew that the Marines are building a Sea Train in Jaya which will lead directly to the Knock Up Stream. On the way to Jaya Lyndis on the others work with Ramon to harness his dark powers. He was infected with the souls of hundreds of monsters which he can bring to fruition by changing one of his limbs into a piece of that monster. The crew eventually arrives at Jaya short on supplies so Clive leaves the group to collect supplies while they locate the Sea Train. Before long the crew finds themselves lost in the thick jungle of Jaya and they cross paths with Marines lead by their recurring foe Julian. Squall makes short work of Julian while Lyndis and the others fight off the other Marines. With little fighting experience, Ramon is easily overwhelmed and even injured which induces his full monstrous state. Ramon prepares to rampage uncontrollably just as Korono Azolf arrives on the scene, as a fully established Marine captain. 

Kurono reveals Julian is his new lieutenant and they are on Jaya to test the Sea Train. Meanwhile Ramon rampages through the forest, leaving most of the crew to try and contain him while Romeo deals with Azolf. Zaiel and Squall are able to immobilize Ramon long enough for Lyndis to talk him down to his original form. Romeo forces Azolf to retreat and the crew follows him to the early departure of the Sea Train in time. On board the train, the crew battles from cable car to cable car searching for Azolf and eventually cross paths with Julian. Romeo demands that he take Julian one on one while the rest of the crew goes on ahead. The group splits up as Squall and Ramon head to the back cars while Zaiel and Lyndis head to the front controls of the train. There Zaiel and Lyndis find Azolf who tries to ambush the two. Lyndis is injured but Squall arrives after figuring out Azolf's location. With Squall's help, Lyndis and Zaiel resist him to the point of desperation, so he destroys the train controls sending the train into top speed, throwing everyone around the train. Azolf flees while Lyndis and Zaiel work to stop the train, eventually derailing much of it. Zaiel agrees to check on the condition of the crew while Lyndis pursues Azolf alone. 
Lyndis riding

Lyndis pursues a fleeing Azolf alone

Zaiel brings the crew together, Squall rewires the train controls and Ramon transforms and lefts the train back onto the tracks. Meanwhile Lyndis and Azolf have a standoff until the train restarts forcing Azolf to desperately detonate train tracks to cover his escape. When the dust settles, White Stone Chaser (the Marine Captain from Port Town, Julian's father) arrives to put a stop to the sea train once and for all. The two clash as the train begins to move, they move the duel to the top of the train. Chaser claims Lyndis is out of her league but she proclaims she will no longer be underestimated by the Red Wing Pirates enemies. She activates her Denki techniques which generates electricity into her blade, she then uses her "Shikigami" technique to defeat Chaser and knock him from the top of the Sea Train. Her allies arrive just as she defeats the Marine but celebration is short just as the Sea Train is sucked into the Knock Up Stream which appears out of no where. 

The crew regains consciousness floating in a sea of clouds leaving in most of the crew including Lyndis at the sight of Heavens gate. The crew swims to shore and are welcomed by winged people who Zaiel convinces to let them past. He later explains that he and the gatekeepers were once allies and although it is dangerous, they did him a favor by allowing the crew passage. Clive randomly appears out of the clouds, saying he reached the Sea Train at the last second by following Chaser. Clive separates the crew into teams in order to cover more ground. He groups Lyndis and Squall together and tasks them with meeting a special "contact" he has in Skypiea. The two set off aimlessly searching the city, they find that the Skypiean people are quite friendly but all is not as it seems as many of them shy away from the duo. The two are caught while strolling around by the Birkan Police Force the White Berets. They are charged with tress-passing, their lack of wings gave away their hertiage as "Blue Sea people. The Birkans appear much more aggresive and rejectful then the Skypieans, despite the charges Lyndis and Squall prepare to fight off the police forces. 

Just before they begin to fight, commotion over another tresspasser erupts near by. A hooded man who easily dispatches the White Berets reveals himself to be not only Clive's "contact" but former foe and Iron Soul Captain; Black Steel Gajeel! Lyndis is not at all pleased with the reunion but Squall decides to grudginly follow Clive's orders and work with Gajeel, Lyndis follows suit. Gajeel tells them the two he's working with the Red Wing Pirates because his crew has disbanded and he wants revenge against the White Wing Pirates for not only the incident on Slave Island but also the kidnapping of his friend "Ruri". He continues that Skypieans and Birkans are not the only two races of Sky People, the third are Shandians. Shandians are a dark skinned warrior race that were racially profiled and imprisoned during the Birkan's uprising. The three agree that gaining Shandian allies trust and searching for Ruri can be most efficiently done by attacking the Birkan prisons and freeing the inhabitants. 

They eventually arrive on a lone floating island housing a secure prison, but they are quickly caught by a Sky Knight who claims to be one of "Six Birkan Preists". The Sky Knight explains the Preists are the strongest warriors in all of Skypiea and serve "God" himself in order to preserve New Birkan order. Lyndis and Squall plan to resist just as the Knight reveals his gargantuan great sword which grows the length of the entire island! He strikes down and if not for Gajeel blocking the hit it may have spelled the end of Lyndis and Squall. Gajeel's iron body allowed him to hold back the blade alone. Gajeel tells Lyndis and Squall to go on  without him but Lyndis asks about Gajeel's lost friend. He responds by telling her that the Sky Knight is actually his lost friend and although he cant explain how, he plans to figure out on his own and deal with Ruri accordingly. Lyndis and Squall enter the base and fight there way through several guards and successfully free several shandian warriors. The shandians are initially resistant to trusting Lyndis and Squall but a woman steps forward who vouches for the pirates. She introduces herself as Luna, Princess of Shandora. She had disguised herself as a warrior and was captured purpously so she could free her people, but was beaten to the punch. Lyndis explains that they are working with a man named Zaiel, a name that Luna instantly reacts pleasently to, shocked to learn that he is even alive. 

Lyndis fighting white berets

Lyndis fighting against White Berets of New Birka

They new allies all leave the base together only to find that Gajeel is being overwhelmed by his former partener. But Gajeel realises the mission was a success and reveals that he was holding back simply to hold off Ruri and make sure he didnt try to destroy the prison with his gigantic blade. Black Steel proceeds to shatter the blade with his bare hands, stunning those watching on. Seeing his newfound conviction, Lyndis agrees with Squall to forgive Gajeel for what happened on Slave Island and they leave the Island while Gajeel continues to battle Ruri. Luna leads the group into the heart of the city which is named "The City of Lovely Island" which serves as the primary reservation for the Skypiean people. Zaiel arrives to meet with Luna and immediately removes his mask to confrim his identity. The Shandians cheer in responce and Luna is brough to tears, embracing her lost love. Embarassed, Lyndis shys away from the two obvious lovers but the reunion is interrupted by the arrival of another Sky Knight. Zaiel recognizes the man to be Preist Earl and prepares to challenge him so the others can get away. Earl laughs at Zaiel's proclamation, feeling he can easily capture the lot of the group. Luna leads the way to retreat while Zaiel battles against Earl alone, Lyndis follows until the group escapes the Island and arrives ona place known as Angel beach. Luna explains that Angel Beach will lead the group to the "Upper Yard", a sacred place where "God" resides aswell as Shandora. But the group is intercepted by Preist Trance of the Sky Knights. He confronts the group and claims that Shandian "savages" and inferior blue sea people have no place on Birkan land. 

Lyndis does not take Trance's racist remarks lightly and decides to duel him alone, while the rest of the g. The two cross swords, which proves to be a grave mistake of Lyndis' as Trance's sword has the ability to liquify anything it cuts, which is what happens to Lyndis' blade. Without her sword, Trance easily overwhelms her and injures her until Squall comes to her aid. Ruri and Gajeel arrive on the scene, but Gajeel appears to have been tricked by Ruri into believing that his amnesia was knocked out of him. This was a ruse used so that Gajeel would help track down his allies, and when they arrived Ruri immediately betrays Gajeel inducing another brawl between the do. Squall's interference in the duel upsets Trance who signals the arrival of Early who uses his puppets to trap the group in a cage of electricity. Zaiel soon follows suit alonside a Shandian warrior named Mars who fight back against Trance. Zaiel eventually snapps upon hearing one of Trance's mocking regarding Tenshi. Zaiel nearly kills Trance but Earl releases Zaiel's friends so he spares the Preist, forcing them to retreat. Ruri also flees the scene, leaving Luna to lead Gajeel, Squall, Zaiel and an injured Lyndis to the Shandian hideout, so she can gain immediate medical aid. 

Lyndis, now unconcious is left behind after the Shandians, Zaiel and Gajeel fordge a plan to attack the Palace in Lovely Island in order to save a recently captured Ramon and Romeo. Squall remains by her side while several key events unfold. The mission was nearly a success but it was thrawted by the arrival of "God" Jarilo who completely destroys Lovely Island with his Devil Fruit powers. 

Ten Trials Arc

When Lyndis finally awakes Gajeel presents her with a refordged blade, he simply re-solidified the liquid Trance transformed the blade into. She sincerley thanks him and proceeds to reinform herself about the situation. It's been nearly four weeks since the destruction of Lovely Island, many Shandians have been set free and the newly formed "Red Rebellion" prepares to storm the Upper yard. Also, Pansera Ruri regained his memories and has taken his place back alongside Gajeel and wishes to help the Rebellion. The sacred Upper yard is the only area of vegetation in all of Skypiea, and it leads to Shandora and God Jarilo who they must defeat. Although to get to him the Red Rebellion must face the five Birkan Preists and the "Ten Trials". The Ten Trials are ten different ordeals that any invader must endure to navigate through the upper yard. No one is aware of what the Ten Trials are but Luna formulates a plan to take them head on. Firstly everyone is split into four divisions, Lyndis being apart of the second divsion commanded by her and Romeo. Everyone is to use Shandian Wave riders to ride the "milky roads" (roads made of Clouds) set up many years ago by the Shandians in order to infultrate the Upper yard. 

Once the entire invasion force arrives in the Upper Yard they are met by a White Beret Vanguard featuring hundreds of soldiers. With her newly re-fordged blade, Lyndis leaves her wave rider to strike back at the vanguard, everyone else following suit. This proves to be the first of the Ten Trials; The Trial of Invasion. The Red Rebellion successfully completes the trial by defeating all of the Berets. But celebrations are short, they are quickly faced with a second trial that requires a sacrifice to stand above an altar and be constantly struck by lightning. As long as the sacrfice remains alive, four portals will remain open, allowing others to pass through and move onto the next trials. Gajeel volunteers himself because he feels his iron body is the ideal choice, everyone includingn Lyndis pays there respects to him before moving on. 

Division two arrives in a strange area where the trees and ground have elastic properties and the only means of safe travel are milky roads. Berets arrive and surround the heroes but they are able to travel along mikly roads using dials supplied by the shandians called "'wave dials" that attach to the bottom of ones feet and allows them to skate on milky roads without falling through. They defeat their opposition and navigate correctly through the elastic enviroment to complete the "Trial of Texture". They move on to the next area which is a more extreme version of the last, with entire portions of land unaturally distorted. To top it off the division is met by Preist Trance, the man who nearly took Lyndis' life and sword. Trance explains that the object of the trial is to unlock the door at the end of the milky roads before it completely dissappears. 

Lyndis attacking

Lyndis' finishing blow against Trance

Trance slides along the milky roads by using his chest plate, running away with the key and begging the trial. Lyndis and Romeo immediately pursue Trance using their wave dials but to little avail. Trance constantly uses his "Soft Sword" to lifquify the surrounding enviroment and cut off the route of Lyndis and Romeo, as well as using explosive dials that act similarly to bombs. The Shandian warriors that accompanied Lyndis help out by using "Milky Dials" to create new roads that Lyndis and Romeo could travel and use to chase Trance. Romeo nearly lands a hit but Trance is able to dodge and destroy the milky roads, trapping Lyndis and Romeo in that area. Trance makes his way back to the entrance of the trial and makes short work of the Shandian aids. With momentum on his side Trance decides to attack Lyndis and Romeo, his first attack results in him liquifing a tree and trapping Romeo within it. He proceeds to corner Lyndis but she is saved by one of Romeo's glow attacks thats liquified in the place of Lyndis' sword (having no choice but to parry Trance's attack). Lyndis immediately unleases a flurry of attacks that keeps Trance on the defensive and eventually forces him to retreat. 
Lyndis vison

Lyndis' sudden vision of her and a mysterious man

Romeo quickly informs Lyndis that theres a path of liquified trees that Lyndis should be able to break through and strike Trance. Knowing just the way to do it, Lyndis uses her Denki: Kagamine ability to pierce through several liquifed trees and directly lands a hit on Trance. Destroying much of his armor and greatly injuring the Knight, Trance drops the Key and Lyndis unlocks the door to compete the "Trial of Liquification". Trance's last words of "defeated by the Blue sea" enduce a strange vision of a young Lyndis with a male figure. She doesn't know what to make of the vision so her and Romeo check on their Shandian friends or are injured but will press on to the next trial with Lyndis and Romeo. 

As soon as the group arrives in the next area, they are struck by a giant beam of light enduced by Earl's puppets "Draco Formation". Mars and Ruri had also arrived at this area after completing the Trial of Calculations, resulting in the Shandians including Mars becoming incapacitated, leaving Lyndis, Romeo and Ruri unharmed. Their allies rise again under the control of Earl. His trial takes over the mind of the incapacitated and makes them fight against their friends until they are all under his control. Mars immediately strikes down Ruri, who is then put under Earl's control. Romeo trys to stop Ruri while Lyndis duels with fellow swordsmen Mars. She is able to disarm Mars but he simply overpowers her by pinning her down, she couldn't resist because she didn't want to cut her Mars. They are then both blasted by Earl's puppets, defeating Lyndis and taking her body under his control. This leaves Romeo alone to combat his comrades. Romeo is able to use his Blue Glow to freeze everyone other then Lyndis. With the support of Earl's puppets Lyndis is able to overpower Romeo whom Earl plans to kill rather then control. Before he is able to end it all Romeo activates a new glow induced by Tenshi who lives within Romeo's soul. This glow allows him to control any earth the glow touches, allowing Romeo to spawn spikes of earth that destroy earls puppets. Also resting in Lyndis' soul like the others, they are all freed from Earl's control. Using his glow to feel the earth, Romeo is able to find Earl in hiding and force him to surrender. This completes the Trial of persona's and allows Lyndis and the others passage through the final portal. 

Turns out everyone was able to complete the Ten Trials and arrive in the city of Shandora. Despite everyone completing their trial only Lyndis, Romeo, Squall and Zaiel are well enough to face Jarilo. The God descended from his throne atop a gigantic bean stalk and congradualted the group on making it this far. Seeing this a chance to show his dominance, Jarilo excitingly and meniacly attacks the group. He dispatches Squall first using his Goro Gor no Mi which gives him the power to generate, manipulate and even becoming electricity. Without Squall's speed enducing light, keeping up with Jarilo is impossible as he can move as fast as a bolt of lightning. Before long Romeo and Lyndis are both knocked unconcious. Lyndis eventually awakens to Gajeel returning to the battlefield although battlescared from the second trial. He and Zaiel proved to be a match for Jarilo, having trapped him in a pool of "Iron Sand". Despite the teams best efforts, Jarilo escapes his prison and angrily prepares a torrent of lightning to vaporize the Red Rebellion. Just as the end is spelled for the group, Clive arrives on the scene and crushes Jarilo's lightning with his own Devil Fruit. Lyndis and the others for the first time view Clive's incredible power first hand, as he is able to go one on one with Jarilo. Clive is able to physcially shatter Jarilo's lightning, making him able to outmatch Jarilo

Clive tells Jarilo (and those watching the battle including Lyndis) that he had been doing heavy reconnaissance, and it took him a while but he finnally discovered an old Skypiean secret. Tenshi's soul had given hints inside of Clive's mind that lead him to the "Tenojinn". An ancient temple that fortells the origins of Skypiea and all of its history, including what was recorded by Tenshi's dying body. In the temple he found Tenshi's original body, a skeleton holding a book that has recorded the truth of the "New Birkans". It tells the story of an Angel whom stole the remains of "God and gave them to subjects who then would become Angels and Gods. The truth behind this story is that Tsubasa, leader of the White Wing Pirates was a large part of a tower that would reach to Heaven, a plan by the World Government to reach Skypiea. Slaves were illegally gathered and used to build this tower, and amongst these slaves were the Preists of New Birka as Children. The children selected from the hundreds of slaves were implanted with the cells of God Enel, whos remains had been discovered by Tsubasa. By combinding his remains with a special type of Dial known as a Soul Dial, the Enel's birkan power was transferred directly into Mel's test subjects. Their memories were then tampered with, and they were brainwashed into believing they were an opprossed Empire waiting to rise against Skypiea. Then they were all strategically placed by Mel, and they successfully took over Skypiea, creating their current government.

This truth is only proven by Jarilo's reaction, remembering the times of the tower and even his experimentation. Jarilo is enraged through his denial and plans to use hiss ultimate Mantra to completely destroy Skypiea. Clive leaves Romeo to counter the attack, who is empowered by Tenshi's final wishes, and enters his Rainbow form which was first used against Gajeel. Romeo unveils his "Secret Glowing Technique: Teniro" which creates a flurry of hundreds of glows that impact and defeat Jarilo once and for all. With Jarilo's defeat, the Birkans are outcasted and Zaiel becomes the new deserving King of Skypiea. After thanking the Red Wing Pirates, the two parites go their seperate ways and the Red Wing Pirates return to the Blue Sea. 

Frozen Faceoff Arc

The crew is able to find their ship and they sail aimlessly through the waters despite Romeo's navigation. Prior to the Birkans defeat, Mel sent the group a message detailing his location in the Grandline, officially declaring war on the Red Wing Pirates. While on their way, the crew questions the history between Clive and Tsubasa. Clive explains the two were originnaly parteners, co-captains of the Wing Pirates. Eventually Clive and Mel became Devil Fruit hunters, and together they discovered the Masu Masu no Mi and the Sora Sora no Mi. They both consumed their respective Devil Fruits and traveled together to the New World where they were both known as the top Super Rookies. Together they were standing on top of the Pirate world, until Mel began to stray off the path of "heroism". Clive was always interested in adventure, while Mel wanted to control the pirate empire. They both wanted to be the King of Pirates but for conflicting reasons. Mel began to realize that Clive would stand in his way and so he allied himself with the Shichibukai; the seven lords of the Sea. By allying himself with the World Government, his crew was amnested from their bounties and safe from Marine's allowing Melchiorre to have the support of the most powerful empire in the World. In order to gain entry, he turned in his entire crew, including Clive over to the Marine's via ambush during the night. Everyone was either killed or captured in the assualt other then Clive himself. Clive fought off his attackers but lost an arm and a leg in the process, along with several of his organs. Immediately at the end of the Clive's story, the groups ship is ambushed by mysterious pirates who have the ability to glide through the air. It is also not long before the crew realizes these pirates are nearly invincibile. Clive is able to repel most of them by himself and he warns his mates to run as this is the work of an infamous pirate named "Leiurus Faust". Faust reveals himself and explains his ultimate army of robotic pirates cannot be beaten. Faust demands that Clive come with him alone or else he will kill the rest of the crew. Seeing no other way out, Clive allows himself to be taken so his crew can escape. The crew is left without their ship on a secluded island somewhere in the Grandline. Squall explains Faust is a "Pacifista" a government cyborg weapon and he is also one of the Seven Sea Warlords like Tsubasa. This means it is likely that Clive has been turned over to Mel and his message was actually a trap. Ramon interrupts, warning the crew that a Marine ship is arriving on the shore of the Island. The marines are once again lead by Kurono Azolf and Julian, who were tipped off by Faust so they could arrest the crew. 

Romeo fights Julian on one while Azolf uses his explosions to push back Lyndis and the others. Squall and Gajeel team up to hold off Azolf while Lyndis and Ramon defeat the Marine's and board their ship. The crew is able to retreat and take the Marine ship away where Gajeel leads them to a place called the 'Frozen Gardens". They are ruled by his old ally named Tankos Skyren, they are a string of Winter Island controlled by Skyren and his Sub-Zero Pirate Crew. Having captured Julian, Squall and Lyndis interrogate him and find out that Clive is being taken to "Drum island". The crew arrives in a makeshift Kingdom where the trees, walkways, walls and even the castle itself are all made of ice. They meet with Skyren inside his castle where he sits upon his throne. Gajeel explains the situation, hoping that Skyren will help them infultrate the military stronghold on Drum Island who the Sub Zero pirates are at war with. Skyren agrees at a cost, Lyndis must become his queen. Lyndis is appauled by the Ice King's suggestion but Gajeel agrees to his terms, much to the dislike of the crew. Skyren also reveals his second condition is they must bring back a man named "Rose" from the prison.
Lyndis shocked

Lyndis's reaction to Skyren's proposition to make her his "Queen"

Skyren leads them down a secret Frozen tunnel where they must follow for several miles in the blistering cold. Lyndis takes up her frustrations with Gajeel (who's suffering from extreme temperature rust) on the way. He explains they simply don't hand Lyndis over after retrieving Clive and Rose, crossing the young king. Lyndis and the other grudgingly agree and continue along the path for a little under a day until they finally arrive inside a facility controlled by Sub Zero Pirates. The Pirates explain that Drum Island has many "Drum" shapped mountains, and everyone is currently inside one Skyren had hollowed out so his men could hide inside. Skyren's comrads dress like Marine's and make the crew dress as their prisoners in order to infultrate the base. They also use the captured Julian as bait in order to make the Red Wing Pirates capture realistic. 

The crew heads to the base which is the 100th Marine Regiments infamous fort, a giant wall like structure that streches from one Drum mountain to another. Julian explains that the Marines in the 100th Regiment are among the toughest across the sea, and they are lead by Marine Admiral Lyra Knewman. The group is intercepted by a group of Marines who confirm their story before letting them into the base. Julian follows the plan and tells the Marine's that he's captured Clive's crewmates. The plan would have worked if not for the arrival of White Wing Pirate; Diyan R Keis who can tell the young man is lying. The crew breaks their fake restraints and are forced to fight by the surrounding Marines. Julian makes a break for it and Romeo chases after him, Gajeel follows so he can find a way into the base. Everyone else stays behind to fight off the marines, resulting in Keis quickly defeating Ruri. Lyndis steps up to face her and the two duel, and by fighting on par with Keis the Pirate has shown Keis she is a worthy opponent. Ruri eventually returns to the battle and the two are able to send the White Wing Pirate crashing into a mountain ultimately defeating her. 

The rest of the crew finishes their mission inside of the fort and brings Rose out to regroup with Lyndis and Ruri. Romeo and Rose explain that Clive has already been transfered to the White Wing Pirates base; "Angels Lobby". Dissapointed with the news, Lyndis and the crew return to the Frozen Gardens to hand over Rose. They meet with Skyren who expects both Rose and Lyndis, but Rose immediately resists and rampages claiming that he will not become anyones weapon. Lyndis also resists and runs from Skyren, who chases her after quickly dispatching Squall Lyndis is cut off by Keis who reveals herself after following the group back to the Gardens. Skyren catches up and freezes both Lyndis and Keis, seeing them both as worthy candidates for becoming his Queen. Squall eventually arrives to challenge Skyren for Lyndis' heart. The battle goes sour for Squall because skyren reduces the effectiveness of all Squall's moves by using "Frozen Atoms" that breach the anatomy of any attack and weaken it as long as Skyren and his opponent are in the frozen islands, making the Ice King invicible. Pushed into a corner, Squall uses a different ring that he captured from defeating Birkan Preist "Dante". The ring transforms Squall into a dark entity known as Ifrit. As Ifrit Squall ignites hellfire that destroys much of Skyren's sculputres and nullfifies is frozen atoms effect. Skyren surrenders after being badly beaten but this doesn't stop Squall from rampaging. Lyndis is freed from her frozen prison and before Squall destroys everything she tells him the truth from her heart. The truth is Lyndis has fallen in love with Squall after everything theyv've been through, she says shes loved him since the days that he accompanied her by the tree and has loved him till even now. Squall reverts from his ifrit form and embraces Lyndis, leading to the two to finally kiss. 


Wanted Lyndis

Lyndis's Wanted Poster

Lyndis gained her first bounty of Beli20,000,000 for stealing the Knock Up Stream sea train from Captain Kurono Azolf on Jaya Island. The Marines only discovered Lyndis' name and affiliation with the Red Wing Pirates after the events on Jaya Island, so her bounty is much lower then it should be.