Haoshoku Haki

覇王色の覇気 Conqueror Haki

Kanji 覇王色の覇気
Romanji Haō-shoku no Haki
English Haki of the Color of the Conquering King
Fighting Style Focus Intimidation
Users Various people
Conqueror Haki (覇王色の 覇気, Haoshoku Haki) allows the user to utilize their own willpower in order to dominate those with weaker spirits. 


Conqueror Haki allows the user to use their own willpower to dominate those with weaker willpowers. This can cause the weaker of the two wills to submit, causing that person to be knocked unconcious or unable to move out of a sense of "fear". 

This Haki usually manifests itself based on the users emotion, when the user experiences great emotion it takes shape in the form of aura. This aura is normally a light which varies in colors and expands based on the amount of strength one has. Powerful enough aura can dominate the wils of anyone in the vicinity, bringing them to their knees. The destructive surge of this aura can destroy the area around the user, crumbling rocks and thickening the air. 

The mastery of this Haki allows one to to pick and choose who they wish to dominate whilst in its most basic form, blindly knocks out all those with weaker willpower.