Array of Passion is the eight Episode of Grandline: The Roleplay Series and the final episode of the Iron Soul Arc. Cam and Gajeel settle the three way war with one final bout. 

Array of Passion
Guro Guro no Mi
Arc Iron Soul Arc
Episode # 8
Last Episode Black Steel
Next Episode The Hunt


Rainbow Cameron and Black Steel Gajeel stand off, as they are about to clash to settle the war on Slave Island once and for all. Cameron valiantly battles back at Gajeel who easily overwhelms him just as he did in there last clash.Cam trys to unlock his hidden power but is simply not strong enough to overcome Gajeel who tosses him into the dirt.

Cameron views the destroyed remains of the Red Wing Ship and a newfound power is unleashed in him. His passion to be a pirate is unleashed with an array of "Glows". Taken by surprise, Gajeel is hit several times as the tables turn against him in the tide of this battle. Cameron combines several new glows to barrage Gajeel then finishes him off with one final attack which sends Gajeel plunging into the Sea.

Afterwards Keis and Squall continue to fued over The Halo, but they are interrupted by the arrival of Mel D. Tsubasa who proclaims that the war between the White and Red Wing pirates has just begun. He retreats with Keis and leaves the Red Wing Pirates to relish in their victory.