Remember the Sky is the fourty-seventh episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. Romeo, Squall and Lyndis return to Skypiea to gather allies for the upcoming battles. 

Remember the Sky
Remember the Sky
Arc Wing War Arc
Episode # 47
Last Episode Frozen Hell
Next Episode The Truth of Tenshi


The Red Wing Pirates depart from the Frozen Gardens and Gajeel speaks to the crew involving their upcoming battles. Gajeel explains that Angel's Lobby is a military fortress far more powerful then the base they just encountered, Squall agrees and decides they must gather allies. Romeo believes they simply need to train but Rose adds theirs no amount of training that would prepare them for the war they are about to spark. 

The Red Wing's then decide to split apart, sending Gajeel and Ruri back to the east blue to gather their old crew. They send Ramon and Rose to Thriller Bark's remains and the remaining members back to Skypiea. Less then a day passes by and Romeo, Squall and Lyndis have already arrived in the White Sea, welcomed by Mars. They inform him of their desperate situation and he has sympathy but tells the pirates it may be diffuclt to help their causw without sparking a war with the Gorosei, but Mars grants them an audience with King Zaiel.

Before they head to this audience, Lyndis requests that they visit the Skypiean National Graveyard. Mars grants this request and they visit the cemetary highlighted by a statue of Tenshi. Lyndis visits the graves of Davis and Linda Harper, two Skypiean citizens who were killed during the Birkan Uprising. Lyndis discovered during their first visit to Skypiea that these two citizens were her parents, she crys at their grave which reveals her heritage as a skypiean-human hybrid.  Squall comforts her just as Zaiel and Luna arrive at the Graveyard to visit their friends. 

Zaiel informs the Red Wing Pirates he is well aware of their situation and has deemed Melchiorre D. Tsubasa an enemy of the White Sea, and will storm the execution to apprehend him. Luna comes up with a battle plan, planning to use an ancient skypiean piece of technology known as the Halberd to transfer them directly into the heart of Angels lobby, but before that the three must be trained accordingly by Luna.