The Eleventh Trial is the thirty-fourth episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. Jarilo descends from his throne to commence the final battle for Skypiea. 

The Eleventh Trial
Eleventh Trial
Arc Ten Trials Arc
Episode # 33
Last Episode Romeo vs the World
Next Episode God of Iron


The Ten Trials have been completed yet the Red Rebellion must go through one final task to truely take back Skypiea. Romeo, Squall, Lyndis and Zaiel are the only members well enough to continue fighting out of the hundreds of members in the rebellion. They are met by Jarilo who decends from his throne, and boasts his excitement to showoff his godly abilities. Ready to take on the group, Jarilo shows off his Goro Goro no Mi, which gives him the ability to transform and manipulate lightning. 

The God of Skypiea attacks and quickly dispatches Squall who suffered major injuries from his battle with Preist Dante. Without Squall's speed, keeping track of Jarilo was a task to great for the rebels. He easily overwhelms them in battle and even manages to dispatch Romeo, knocking he and Lyndis unconcious. This only leaves Zaiel to challenge Jarlio's greatness, the former Guardian of Skypiea against the God of New Birka. 

Zaiel trys to use his staves in their fight but they are all shattered by Jarilo's offensive firepower. Without the use of his weaponry, Zaiel relys on his Mantra to fight Jarilo. Zaiel is able to maintain his own against Jarilo in combat but he is stricken by exhaustion. Zaiel and his comrades already battled several times while Jarilo is fresh, giving him the advantage. On the hinge of being defeated, Zaiel is nearly struck by one of Jarilo's bolts but it is redirected and absorbed by none other than Gajeel. 

Returning to battle, Gajeel reveals that is the one thousandth time he had been struck by lightning during his time in Skypiea, and he is more then capable of enduring ten thousand more. Gajeel prepares himself to battle Jarilo, claiming he is the god of iron.