Rebellion Reborn, Storm the Upper Yard! is the twenty sixth episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series and the first episode of the Ten Trials Arc. Weeks after the destruction of Lovely Island, the Red Rebellion has regrouped and his ready to launch their attack on the Upper Yard. 

Rebellion Reborn, Storm the Upper Yard!
Episode 26
Arc Ten Trials Arc
Episode # 26
Last Episode Wrath of God
Next Episode Trials and Tribulations


Taking place four weeks (as noted by Gajeel) after the destruction of Lovely Island, the Red Rebellion has regrouped and is preparing to storm the upper yard. Everyone is debriefed by Luna, who splits them into four seperate divisions. The first divsion is led by herself and Zaiel, the second Lyndis and Romeo, the third Gajeel, Mars and Ruri and finally the fourth is lead by Squall and Ramon. 

Before they depart, Luna informs them that they must storm the Upper Yard using the Milky Road off the coast of Angel Beach and once they reach the Upper Yard where they must face the "Ten Trials" held by each of the Preists of New Birka. They all depart and make their way towards the Upper Yard via individual wave riders. Once they reach the top where the Upper Yard is, they are met by a massive interception force of Enforcers.

They battle their way in an epic all out war where many lives are taken, on the Birkan side of course. The Red Rebellion suffers few casualties and have completed the "Trial of Invasion" with a 90% survival rate, although they completed it with a 100% survival rate. They move on to the sacrificial Alter where Romeo hastily makes his way to the top of.

He is struck by lightning, resulting in a portal being opened but when he is removed from the Altar the portal closes. Luna figures out that a sacrifice must be offered in order to open the portal, and that sacrifice must be constantly struck by lightning to keep the portal open.  Many volunteer but it is Gajeel who chooses himself as the sacrifice, believing he is the only one who can survive the ordeal. He bids his comrades a farewell as they pass through the portal, leaving Black Steel behind.