Preists of Superiority is the twenty second episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. Zaiel reuinites with Luna, Lyndis, Squall and the Shandorians who meet face to face with the Preists of New Birka. 

Preists of Superiority
Preists of Superiority
Arc New Birkan Arc
Episode # 22
Last Episode Allied Force, Old and New Foes
Next Episode Battle on Angel Beach


Luna, the former queen of Shandora leads Lyndis, Squall and her Shandian allies into the heart of the main city. They are met by Zaiel who reveals his face to confirm to Luna that he is infact Zaiel. Luna is overjoyed to find Zaiel survived the intial takeover of Skypiea but there reunion is short lived when Preist Earl arrives. Earl is surprised to find Zaiel alive and alligned with the Shandians.

Earl prepares to capture the group but he is challenged by Zaiel, Earl is unphased as he believes he is superior to Zaiel's power. Zaiel tells the group to get out of the city and to the Shandian base while Zaiel holds off Earl. The two clash and Zaiel is surprised when he is overwhelmed by Earls puppetmastery. Zaiel is eventually pushed into a corner but is saved when Shandian warriors arrive to ambush Earl. 

They're led by Mars, a Shandian warrior who tries who is their to capture Earl. Earl escapes the ambush and prepares to finish them all off in one final blow but is interrupted when the main palace of the city is attacked. It is attacked by none other then Cameron L. Romeo and Ramon. The two are quickly subdued and arrested, imprisoned in the palace itself.