This is Heaven!? is the twentieth episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. The Red Wing Pirates end their Sea Train ride on the shores of Heaven. 

This is Heaven!?
Episode 20
Arc New Birkan Arc
Episode # 20
Last Episode A Train Ride from Hell to Heaven
Next Episode Allied Force, Old and New Foes


The Sea Train heading towards the Knock Up Stream has been derailed by Azolf, who has abandoned ship hoping to stall long enough for the Red Wing Pirates to miss their opportunity. Lyndis and Zaiel pursue Azolf while Squall and Ramon try and restart the Sea Train. Ramon takes control of his Monster half and transforms in order to lift the train and put it on the tracks. Squall rewires the busted controls on the train and restarts it. Apon hearing the train restart, Azolf escapes, leaving several explosions in his wake.  

This results in the arrival of White Stone Chaser, who plans to put a stop to the Sea Train once and for all. Lyndis prepares herself as the train races towards the Marine Captain. The two clash and with her new found prowess in Ittoryu, she defeats him in a single blow. The train continues and is sucked into the Knock Up Stream, which results in the train being perminantly derailed in the White Sea, floating infront of Heaven's Gate. 

The Crew swims into town, realizing they must cover alot of ground. Clive splits them into teams and spreads out to gain as much information as possible. Squall and Lyndis are sent to meet with a special contact, who Clive left a message for on Jaya.