Jaya, the Island of Reunion is the seventeenth episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. The Red Wing Pirates arrive at Jaya, where they reunite with many past foes. 

Jaya, the Island of Reunion
Island of Reunion
Arc New Birkan Arc
Episode # 17
Last Episode Set Sail for Skypiea
Next Episode Battle for the Beast


The Red Wing Pirates arrive at the Island of Jaya, where they drop off in order to collect supplies before they locate the "Knock Up Stream" which is the giant pillar of water that launches whoever's within it to Skypiea. They collect several supllies and gather in the forest where they try to help Ramon tap into his powers. He has the ability to bring out the several dark beasts that were instilled into his soul at Thriller Bark.

He was able to easily transform his arms into several forms but couldn't tap into his full form. Clive set off to get some final supplies and just as he leaves, Julian arrives with a band of Marine's to ambush the Red Wing Pirates. Julian is quickly dispatched by Squall meanwhile the others fight off the Marines. 

With little fighting experience, Ramon is hit by gunfire and incapacitated. He then unconciously transforms into his full monster form. The group tries to contain Ramon as he is about to go on a rampage, but just as they do another old foe returns. Kurono Azolf arrives on the scene as a newly established Marine Captain and prepares to capture the Pirates.