Set Sail for Skypiea is the sixteenth episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. It is the first episode of the New Birkan Arc. Two new allies join the Red Wing Pirates as they prepare to head to the White Sea. 

Set Sail for Skypiea!
Set Sail for Skypiea
Arc New Birkan Arc
Episode # 16
Last Episode Sky Dial Zaiel
Next Episode Jaya, the Island of Reunion


Zaiel's search ends when he arrives at a sunked Thriller Bark, final proof that Tenshi has passed on. He stumbles apon the Red Wing Pirates ship where he meets Squall directly. He asks them if they are the recipeints of Tenshi's wishes, Squall confirms this and Zaiel agrees to navigate them to Skypiea. 

Now the task at hand is to deal with the body that emerged from the giant gate guarding beast. He awakes and reveals his identity as Ramon, a Shipwright who traveled to Thriller Bark in hopes of seeing the "Largest Ship in the World". Thriller Bark was simply an Island after the Straw Hat Pirates defeated the crew, and once Akuma took over he attacked Ramon and instilled darkness into his soul. 

This forced Ramon to become the gatekeeper and was not conscience to this for several years. He asks to join the pirate crew for freeing him, Squall gracefully accepts and the crew goes back to Clive. They find Clive drunk and explain the situation, leading to clive agreeing they should go to Skypiea in order to find Shandora. Clive sobers up once Zaiel mentions tha The White Wing Pirates are involved, infuriating Red Hair. Angrily, Clive allows Ramon to build them a new ship and sets sail for the Grandline's island; Jaya. 

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