Take Back the Fear is the thirteenth episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. Cam clashes with Akuma as Lyndis fights to overcome her fears. 

Take Back the Fear
Cam and Ten
Arc Bounty vs Bounty Arc
Episode # 13
Last Episode Attack on Akuma
Next Episode Akuma the Angel


Having been ambushed and chased into the Mass Mansion, the Red Wing Pirates are stuck in their final battle against Akuma himself. Having been cornered by by Akuma's strength, Romeo "fuses" with Tenshi's spirit so the two can fight as one. Romeo fights more so on par with Akuma by using Tenshi's knowledge of swordsmenship. He is able to read Akuma's moves and strike back. The two trade blows without majorily injuring one another. 

Squall watches on with Lyndis, impressed by the complete fighting spirit of Tenshi and Romeo. While in mid swing, Akuma is able to jab his blade through the rainbow warrior's shoulder, turning the tide of the battle. Through his blade, he starts to absorb Tenshi's soul out of Romeo. Tenshi forcibly seperates himself from Romeo so his soul isn't taken in aswell. Before Tenshi is completely absorbed, he tells Romeo to aim for Akuma's head.

Taking his advice, Romeo attacks while aiming for Akuma's head. Unfortunately for the purple haired fighter, he is just as unable to fight Akuma as he was without Tenshi before. Pinned down, Romeo is nearly defeated as Akuma prepares to cut him down. Azolf appears out of scenic no where in order to blindside Akuma, but is thrawted when Akuma stabs him right through his hand. 

Azolf backs off and Akuma goes after him, which is enough of a distraction for Romeo to punch Akuma's head off. The body falls over and the exausted pirate believes the battle to be over. However this only reveals the armor which Akuma is throught to be in is infact Hollow, proving that Akuma is infact simply a Ghost in samurai armor. Akuma's body stands back up without a head, taking stance once again, ready to clash. But just as Romeo feels that he must battle once again, the Marine's arrive to back up Azolf and capture Akuma and the pirates.