Fear no Evil is the eleventh episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. The Red Wing pirates are led by Tenshi  to overcome their darkness in order to defeat Akuma, but are interrupted by the return of not only Azolf, but and old ally turned foe. 

Fear No Evil
Fear No Evil
Arc Bounty vs Bounty
Episode # 11
Last Episode Welcome to Thriller Bark
Next Episode Attack on Akuma


After arriving on Thriller Bark, the Red Wing Pirates have already met a ghost, been chased down by zombies and attacked by a gigantic monster. The ghost has revealed himself as Tenshi the Samurai of the Swan, one of the most renound swordsmen to have ever lived. He only reveals that he was betrayed in the past, resulting in his death and arrival on Thriller Bark. He then explains that all the beings on Thriller Bark are tainted and lost souls controlled by Akuma, they must be put to rest which can only be done by defeating Akuma. 

He then explains that the beings of Thriller Bark feed off any negative energy given off by humans, including the fear that Lyndis has for all the undead. Lyndis explains that she sailed to Thriller Bark during one of her explorations, where she searched for Akuma as a swordsmen. She was frighted by all the zombies and monmsters on the island who killed all her subordinates, and Lyndis was the only one who was able to escape in horror. 

Tenshi then decidees to show them a section of the island known as the "River of Zen", an area of the Island where the goodness of all the souls manifests themselves as a pool of water. By bathing in the waters, hopefully the pirates would be driven by the goodness and courage of their hearts rather then their fear and darkness. But they are interrupted by the return of Azolf, who wonders why they are they wasting their time in the river.

Tenshi is able to sense Azolf's true intentions, evil and treacherous ones. Before Tenshi can warn them, Azolf uses his power to detonate the land near the war, causing a massive explosion. The explosion draws the random arrival of several marines including Julian Chaser. Julian is quickly dispatched but their are too many marines and the pirates must flee.