The East Blue (東青 Higashi Ao) is an ocean that contains many of the Major Locations in the Grandline: Role Play Series story line. 


The East Blue, like its sister seas, comprises almost entirely of ocean, with a few scattered islands and a border called the Red Line. In the Grand Line, pirates who are considered great and threatening in the East Blue are regarded as low rate compared to pirates in the Grand Line. The East Blue is generally considered the weakest of the seas because the highest averaged bounty for the East Blue is set at only Beli10,000,000.

Major Locations

  • Port Town: Port Town is where the majority of the first couple of arcs of the Grandline story takes place. It acts as the base of operations for the Red Wing Pirates as it is the hometown of Romeo. It is also the home of the 156th Marine regiment captained by White Sea Chaser.
    • Slave Island: Slave Island is a small area outside Port Town where the grand battle between the Red Wing Pirates and the Iron Soul Pirates took place. 
  • Thriller Bark: Thriller Bark wass an Island in the South of the East Blue. It was destroyed as the result of a Buster Call caused by the Red Wing Pirates, ordered by Kurono Azolf. 


East Blue Characters
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Romeo Chaser Julian Lyndis
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Gajeel Jury Bosque Todoh
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