アリエル Arieru

Kanji アリエル
Romanji Arieru
Epithet First Lady (最初女性 Saisho Jixyosei)
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair color Violet
Eye color Purple
Age 29
Professional Status
Previous Title First Lady
Previous Affiliation Clive, World Government
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Cameron L. Darlton (lover)
Cameron L. Carla (daughter)
Cameron L. Romeo (son)

First Lady Ariel (最初女性 アリエル Saisho Jixyosei Arieru) was the former wife of one of the Gorosei. She was exiled after she was discovered to be having an affair with the infamous pirate lord Cameron L. Darlton. She had two children with the pirate; Carla and Romeo.


Ariel was born a small town girl in the East Blue, growing up in Port Town with her mother and father. She was actually adopted by the family and while growing up was wildy recognized for her unqiue purple hair. Once on her own, she became famous as a beautiful maiden who worked for the Government at several official and high class gatherings. Eventually she worked her way up to serving the World Government president Gorosei members. Eventually her and a Gorosei fell in love, they married and she became the first and only First Lady of the government. 

Ariel was mistreated and neglected and found refuge in a Pirate Lord by the name of Cameron L Darlton. Their affair was secret but it resulted in the birth of Ariel's daughter Carla. Carla was originally thought to be the Gorosei's daughter but after the birth of her second child; Romeo the man found out about her affair. The children and Darlton were ordered to be executed but Darlton and Carla were able to save them by sending them back to her home in Port Town. Darlton was executed and Carla imprisoned, she was never heard from again. In the official records of the World Government, she died during childbirth, also officially resulting in the death of Romeo, her son who does not offically exist.


Physical Description

Ariel is often described as an immensely beautiful woman who attracted the likes of men all across the sea. She is of fair skin with thin lips, a small nose and deep purple eyes. Her most distunguishing feature was her long, beautiful, bright violet hair which unique to only her and her two children. She had thin violet eyebrows and her hair was often done in a wavey style. 


Ariel is a very kind hearted person whose beauty attracts all the wrong kinds of people. She comes off as intimidating at times in order to protect herself but simply wants to be loved for more then her beauty. She was even willing to betray her arranged marriage to have an affair with an illegal pirate in order to find true love. She also seems to have a deep love for her children who she barely knew, saving their lives before her or her mister.